Aimed at kick-starting a Romanian design movement

date: May 2015

program: architecture & design

status: BUILT

extra: identity design

size: M / 650 sqm

location: Splaiul Unirii 160, Bucharest, Romania

team: Wolfhouse Productions + Nod Production Team


NOD Makerspace is a “working playground” that provides access to a wide palette of tools and equipments for digital fabrication and fast prototyping. The name Nod means knot in Romanian and it represents the contact place, the crossroads , the meeting of two or more elements of a mechanism.

Situated in an unused industrial hall, a former Cotton Factory, in central Bucharest, the 650sqm hall’s layout is made of a 350sqm shared open space completed by 10 private studios (for young startups in design) and 150sqm of workshops for prototyping, manufacturing and digital fabrication: wood crafting and metal working area, painting and sanding room, welding room; laser-cutting and CNC router. 

The design of the former industrial space follows the building’s structure layout. It keeps the generous and brightly lit character of the industrial building. The partition follows this principle. By transparent working studios, meeting room and entrance area, Nod makerspace kept the industrial space open, generous and bright, allowing the light to reach the farthest nook. Also, the glass walls provide both privacy and community cohesion to people working in the studios. 

The highlight of the open space is the large window area, designed as a living room. Its close relation to the river and the contrast with the rest of the space makes the place attractive for contemplating and brainstorming ideas.



The industrial space in its incipient condition

General layout

Welcome area

Working openspace

Working studios

Conference room

Large window area

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