A focus on interactive museum experiences.

Drobeta Turnu-Severin is one of the oldest settlements on the Danube river, dating from the IVth century in the time of the Geto-Dacian tribes.

In this context, the city of today needs to exhibit its true colors to the world. Our proposal for the renovation of the city’s museum focuses on an active process of learning.
The exponats will be observed through complementary and multisenzorial experiences using new technologies to fill the process of dissemination - assimilation of informations through attractive and interactive means.
The Public Adminsitration has the opportunity to reestablish itself as the core of social and cultural life. cIMeC will contribute to the sense of belonging and representation of the communty. It can be a key point in the ciy’s regeneration process by bringing together diverse social groups through new civic spaces in which people meet and share ideas.

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