A focus  on the creative community in a panoramic environment

The cotton factory of Bucharest is a former industrial facility situated in the city’s cen-tral area, on Dambovița’s banks.

We believe that in the near future this area is going to become increasingly open to the public, attracting even more interest from the creative community and the sorounding neighbourhoods, thus creating demand for leisure and entertainment activities.

DESCHIS is an original concept for leisure activities and social events in Bucharest. Functioning on the roof of an old industrial building, it aims to provide quality enter-tainment services, while at the same time, promoting a growing community of creative businesses hosted in the same building.

DESCHIS, the rooftop leisure area, togeth-er with the present businesses, have a potential for a synergetic collaboration that will eventually lead to the transformation of this former industrial complex.

The rooftop terrace is easy to locate in the monotonous surrounding landscape. It is accessible through a spectacular metal staircase with clear urbanistic qualities acting as landmark for the area, especially during the night.

Dâmbovița river panorama

Sunset panorama

Neighbourhood panorama

Day time party

Movie night

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