A focus on architectural legacy through pop-up cultural reactivation.

client:  Casa Lupu Association 

date:  April 2013

status:  BUILT

program:  architectural conversion & cultural event management

size:  S / 400 sqm + 450 sqm of garden

location: Bucharest, Romania

team:  Wolfhouse Productions + Casa Lupu + artists

link:  https://www.facebook.com/calupu

Dark Matters was the first pop-up cultural event developped by Calup Association. For 48 hours, a derelict monument in the center of Bucharest was reactivated by experimenting all three storeys through a contrast between dark and light to emphasize the valuable elements of the building. The event gathered more than 1100 people curious to visit the building otherwise inaccessible and enjoy some of the potential activities that can reactivate the house: party, ballroom and art gallery.

Calup (translated as “as a wolf” or “a pattern”) is a non-profit association which greets one of Bucharest’s real acute needs to rehabilitate the built patrimony, in the context of a substantial growth in the number of old decaying but valuable buildings. The purpose of Calup is creating unique “pop-up” cultural events  or, in other words, temporary conversions of some of the most interesting buildings of Bucharest. We create an original concept for a cultural event that is feasible for the house, then we open it to the public to have their saying on buildings that otherwise are inaccessible. Through this event we demonstrated that there are viable solutions that interest both the private business sector and the public to reactivate the monument placed at Caimatei street no.10. Thanks to our contribution the house has been rented and it houses offices in the creatives industry. With the “Dark Matters” pop-up event we offered three storeys to be experimented in the dark through a lounge area, a party zone and an art gallery.


Being the most preserved floor of the house, the ground floor was designed to greet the visitors and to emphasize the great architectural details of this old house. Besides highlighting small but tasty details, each space was dedicated to some exhibition: there was Calup project presented through an interactive map of Bucharest, while in other rooms we had video projections of other similar projects. The bar room was designed with a funny yet interesting mix of furniture of different styles, so each corner would transpose one in other world.

1. Entrance hall; 2. Calup project presentation; 3. Lounge area; 4. Renovation project presentation; 5. Bar and lounge area; 6. Terrace; 7. Bathroom; 8. Storeroom; 9. Access to the upper floors


From the entrance of the building, one was guided by a fluorescent ribbon, along the stairs, corridors, through the dark Party Floor, to the toilets and wherever the space in the old house got intricate.



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