A focus on social interaction through unique experiences by the sea

date:  May - August 2013

program:  architecture & urban design

status:  BUILT

extra:  project managementn & identity design

size:  L / 4800 sqm

location:  Mamaia Beach Resort, Constanta, Romania

team: Wolfhouse Productions & La mare la soare

link:  https://www.facebook.com/OhaBeach


It is well known that the romanian seaside has lost its attractiveness and is in constant decline. Some parts of it still manage to be populated but the high cost of holidays is destined for only a very few people, living the mass to enjoy the summer vacation abroad on the bulgarian, turkish or even greek coastlines. Oha Beach was born out of the need to revive one of our country’s most important touristic assets: The Black Sea coastline.

Seen as a pilot project, Oha Beach transformed a deserted beach into an innovative space for social interaction. Our strategy focused on a dynamic civic participation so as to generate a sense of community, between people of all ages, during the short period of summer. Our goal is that they will go home and spread the word so that next year the demand for such spaces will be higher and ultimately will result in the reanimation of our seaside.

Oha Beach was created as a place for spending the summer holiday at the sea experimenting leisure activities found back home but missed when on vacation. More then an architectural icon on the beach, the project developed through a strategy to activate people and encourage social interaction through activities such as open air movie nights, theatre plays and concerts.


Oha Beach gathers a beach bar with a large shading terrace, an area destined for sport activities, an area for lounging under shading canopies with custom made bean bags.

Flexibility is at the core of our project both for the pavilion and for the beach design. Considering its future usage, the pavilion was structured by a modular system of pillars allowing further extension when needed. The pavilion could support multiple configurations according to the specific activities. The pavilion served as a cinema support, concert stage and theatre stage. The furniture parts become participatory elements in the site because everyone can interact with them to change their configuration and create suitable areas for specific activities.

The structural system of the pavilion permits reassembling it every year before the summer season in order to keep the building costs to the minimum. In fact, throughout the planning process we tried to find means to reduce our budget.

Recycling is another basic principle for Oha Beach, as the project integrates old furniture gathered together from abandoned hotels near the area.



scenario: THEATRE PLAY.

scenario: CONCERT.

Involving tourists in the final design touches.

Oha Beach swings.

Oha’s very own water hammocks.

The golden boy.

Boys' toilet signage.


Oha Beach is meant to be an innovative place under the sun where coming up with extraordinary ideas is a natural part of everyday life. 

Oha Beach brand is the symbol of our free and flexible spirit and of the quality we deliver to our customers.

The mix of font styles symbolizes a rich combination of different layers added to the project: materials used, old furniture, new design for lounge (bean bags, hammocks in the water, floating rafts, carpets) and activities (open air theatre and cinema, sports, concerts). The colors we use in our brand image reflect the atmosphere by the beach. The background patterns are personal and may change according to different activities, events, weather, etc found on our beach.

Oha Beach has been published in several national architectural magazines and on social platforms online and print. Together with Calup and Casa Lupu associations we developed a strong social network so that as many people as possible can be part of Oha Beach and benefit from it.

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