A focus on riverside public space through a healthy mix of activities.

client:  Municipality of Oradea

date:  October 2013
program:  urban design for central public space
type:  international competition
size:  L / 1000 sqm
location:  Oradea, Bihor county, Romania
team:  Wolfhouse Productions & arh. Tudor Arsintescu


It is almost fall of 2016 and the city is celebrating Oradea’s birthday. It is the first year when all festivities are held along the river. The new urban square is one of the favourite spots in the citizens’ mental map of their city. On their way to exploring the city in all its colors, its citizens have chosen to meet at ‘The Mirror’, the new landmark in the urban square. Finally, Ferdinand Square is not just a transit area, but a great gathering place outdoors due to its urban design elements and new activities. The new bistro bar has reactivated nightlife along the waterfront for Oradea’s locals.

5 minutes - city makes the pedestrian flow smoother and safer between the main public spaces of Oradea. The urban square connects the landscape structure of the city, as a meeting point for exploring the city.


Reorganizing the limits of the urban square and the waterfront will ease the soft mobility flows. Opening up the square towards the water enhaances urban quality of life for Oradea’s citizens. Folowing the topographical features creates a connected and flexible public space.

General view of the public square and the new bistro bar.

The open air amphitheatre connects the waterfront to the city.

Ferdinand square with The Mirror landmark.

The bistro bar is meant to be a landmark on the river. Through simple architectural gestures a public alimentation unit becomes a focal point with the best views towards the historical city.

Main facade and plan view.

The riverfront is reactivated due to the new bistro bar.

The bistro bar hosts also a community space for public debates and expositions.

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