A focus on the bustling metropolis through unique experiences by the water.

client:  Municipality of Kiev
date:  January 2012
program:  masterplan

type:  international competition
outcome:  FIRST PRIZE
size:  XXL / 2500 ha
location:  Kiev, Ukraine
team:  Wolfhouse Productions + urb. G. Pascariu + transl. Iulia Namasco

Seen from over Truhaniv, the islands appear as a vast natural corridor linking the two banks of the Dnieper River and bringing wilderness and recreation in the very heart of a bustling metropolis. They span the entire length of the urban agglomeration and ensure the city dweller that nature is always around the corner (by the river) when you are in Kyiv. If urged by curiosity, one could explore in a day trip the entire landscape from Truhaniv’s Druzhby Narodiv Expositional Park – in the north – to Zhukiv’s BIOScience and Edu Center – in the south – using bicycle routes.

Nevertheless, a popular way of discovering Kiev’s islands and historical landmarks is by embarking for a scenic ride provided by the Blue Line, a unique public transportation system that Kyiv is famous for. Using this iconic transportation system, locals and tourists alike can easily access the city’s main landmarks as well as the leisure and entertainment center developed around Hidropark. The river stations act as main access points and their various functional additions hint the urban vocation of the islands.


Heavy E-W traffic.                                    Improving N-S connectivity using Dniper                       The Blue Line is completing

is disturbing fragile ecosystems            as a natural avenue and regulate functional                      the kievan subway system. 

                                                                  diversity and protected areas.                                                        


General view of the Dniper Pearls.


The Blue Line stations, iconic presence on the islands.

A quiet morning on Venetsianskyi station.

Central area of the Blue Line axis, Venetsianskyi station.

Venetsianskyi station.
Improving the bridge issue:
A controversial infrastructure project at the time of its building, Podilsko - Voskresenskyi on Truhaniv island is now engulfed in lush vegetation reminding of times long gone.

Use of buffer zones and diverging paths:

We propose the use of comfortably sized green buffer zones to protect natural reservation areas from agressive urban development. These allow visitor access on the outskirts of reservations while at the same time gradualy restricting public access in strictly protected areas. Walking paths are designed in such a way that they are discreetly diverging from protected areas towards public park zones.

The islands. A popular leisure destination in Kiev.

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