A focus on city identity through iconic sightseeing.

client:  Municipality of Santiago de Chile

date:  November 2012

program:  central area masterplan

type:  international competition

size:  L / 21 ha

location:  Santiago de Chile

team:  Wolfhouse Productions


In 2025 Santiago’s Civic District has become the city’s most popular district, attracting public clerks, small business and city dwellers in an inviting and unique public environment. The area’s newest attraction, Bulnes Sky Loop, part of a larger sustainability project for making the Civic District a “cooling island” has effectively doubled commercial and green spaces along the Bulnes Axis. Also, it provides direct views into the public institutions’ inner workings/meeting rooms. The Bulnes Sky Loop is set to become a symbol for the country’s renowned transparent administrative process.

The Santiago Pavilion has been functioning for five years already and has become a beloved icon itself. Its highly interactive urban history exhibition is still attracting large crowds of visitors. The idea of learning about Santiago’s important landmarks while at the same time viewing them live in a 360° panorama has boosted local pride. Below the pavilion, Pedro Agguire Plaza a popular meeting place for all Santiagoians, is capable of accommodating various artistic performances. However, tonight’s concert stage is set up in the sky – the Santiago Pavilion. The 30 000 plus expected attendance is going to fill all of Bulnes Axis taking part in one of the city’s most epic music concerts.

Where to look for when designing an iconic urban element? 

Study worldwide attitudes to understand what works and what not.

The Civic District today vs The Civic District in 2025.

Bulnes Sky Loop.

Plan view. Specific sections.
1. Access. 2. Structure. 3. People flows scenarios
a. When small groups gather around several attraction points the sunken plaza is filled with water.
b. When a medium group (~200 people) gather for different events the sunken plaza is emptied.
c. When there is a concert, people gather down the Bulnes Axis.

The Santiago Pavilion and the Pedro Agguire Sunken Plaza.

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